Our Projects

We have an experienced team of production and inspection personnel to ensure quality.

SvartSvane is Multi-Purpose ecommerce for tech products and services. Here we have built 2 different sections. * E-commerce * Consulting Services
Anandamarga Mission
Anandamarga Mission is an NGO which has presence round the globe, we have created a platform which can manage events, donation , products,magazines and many more
Shantanu Construction
Shantanu Construction offer quality construction services, where they showcase wide range of protfolio and services, They manage customer enquiries using this website
Ashiyah Exports
Ashiyah exports is e-commerce website used for import and export of rice, this is a cms based software which is mainly used for managing the export enquiries and stock management.
UD-Tel is telehealth or e-medicine, is the remote delivery of healthcare services, including exams and consultations, over the telecommunications infrastructure.
Stock buzz
Stockbuzz is platform for share market where we have developed , Admin Dashboard Design and Development - User Management - Stock Update Management
Starlight Exxon
Starlight Exxon is company that provides report generation feature One can generate daily, weekly and monthly reports based on data in excel which is grabbed automatically. The output of the report can be directed in printable format.
Nurshcare is a healthcare portal, which consists of member portal and provider portal , whole structure works on FHIR porotocol, software has been created considering HIPPA Compliance. This software is created with multitenancy structure.
Sakal is a multicommerce portal that focus on Holistic Living, here one can get holistic products , holistic services such as ayurvedic consulting, and many more areas are covered by Sakal which shares the importance of nature in everyone's life.
SME Spares
SME spares is e-commerce website for machinery parts which manages this as CMS website where products and categories are managed We have customized alerts integrated in rabbit mq used MVC dotnet framework.
Kidzhub Kindergarten
Kidzhub was built with a vision of managing your kindergarten using one single platform Here we have photos and videos sharing, Activity updates, Admission management, Lesson Planning
KC consultants
Kaizen Consultant is a law firm website which is created for the clients of the law firm who can get latest updated by government of India in all legal terms of PF , ESIC , Labor Law and many more.
Finetech Engineers
Finetech engineers is a largescale machinery manufacturing company , CMS system is developed where they can share latest updates on the machinery and take enquiries from various industries based on requirements
Games At Home
Games At Home is a online gaming e - commerce website where gamers can rent various games. This has various stockmanagement and vendormanagement modules which includes approval structure.
Patel Pharma
Patel Pharmaceutical is a medicart website where we have created a multi tenancy software, here multiple vendors are hosted on this platform and they can sell the medicines all together.
Campaignee is a marketing software which is used to grow business of small scale business who are not able to do much in marketing. This software helps you with loyalty programs and customer retention methods.
UD Video Conferencing
UD Video Conferencing is a software where we can have one to one call, mainly used by consultants, doctors , teachers, and many more. We have created this using Azure Communication Services.
Shubhvivah is a customised software which is used for stockmanagement, custom billing, comments to products, rental management, reminders , alerts mapping , promotion management and many more.

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